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About Us

Jfna 13 Hannah Senesh 05-24-13Our Congregational School Experience is an exciting combination of Jewish learning experiences for children from JK to Grade 7.

CSX has been developed and is overseen by Daniel Silverman, a professional, dynamic educational leader. It uses the most current techniques for Jewish supplementary education and has been endorsed by UJA Federation Jewish Federation of Greater Toronto.

The CSX program is delivered by hand-picked, well trained teachers who make a personal connection with every child, accommodating individual learning needs.

CSX takes place on Sunday mornings from 9:15 am to 12:00 pm. For students in Grade 3 and up, there is an additional component one weekday afternoon per week.

Our Educational Philosophy

At CSX, we believe in:

  • Educating to the whole child, focusing on their interests and talents while imparting the skills to live a rewarding Jewish life
  • Inclusion, accommodationg a variety of physical, social and behavioural needs
  • Honouring our history while recognizing that building our future is a task for the present
  • Exploring our students’ multiple identities and helping them construct their Jewish selves
  • Providing educational opportunities for learners of all ages and skill levels

Our Learning Goals

At CSX, your child will:

  • Develop a sense of Jewish identity and learn about Jewish traditions, holidays and customs
  • Gain familiarity with prayer and Jewish ritual
  • Learn to read and write Hebrew
  • Use technology, art, music and movement to create meaningful and lasting learning experiences
  • Have the opportunity to meet other children and make friends
  • Establish a vibrant link to Israel
  • Begin a path to a more meaningful Bar/Bat Mitzvah experience


Our youngest learners explore main themes about Jewish life through movement, play, music and many other activities.  They begin to develop an oral Hebrew vocabulary using actions, props and games.  They are introduced to the key rituals and symbols of Shabbat and the Jewish holidays, and become familiar with important blessings and key prayers and songs.  Israel is introduced as the Jewish homeland and a Hebrew-speaking society, and the concept of a Mitzvah as a good deed is both taught and acted upon.  These children also spend time in the synagogue library and museum and begin to explore and learn about the spaces within the synagogue.

Grades 1-2

Grade 1 students continue to build on their oral Hebrew vocabulary, learning words related to Shabbat, holidays and the synagogue.  In Grade 2, learners begin to read and write Hebrew, referencing their vocabulary base to assist in quickly acquiring these skills.  There is a focus on the main themes of the Jewish holidays and a deeper exploration of Friday night rituals.  They expand their knowledge of prayers, participate in active expressions of their learning about Tzedakah in the school community, and grow their connection to Israel and Israelis.

Grades 3-5

Grade 3 learners continue to develop their Hebrew speaking, reading and writing skills, and focus on the Jewish holidays for the year.  They explore a major theme of each holiday in depth, and discover how it aligns with a particular set of Jewish and Canadian values.

Students in Grades 4 & 5 explore their sense of Jewish self.  They learn about their name and their family history, work on being better friends, and begin to understand the role that the synagogue community, the local Jewish community, the State of Israel, and our collective past play in who each of the learners are as Jews today.

Our students also begin attending CSX two days per week in Grade 3, once on Sundays and for an additional hour of instruction focused on Hebrew on a weekday.  There are a variety of ways to fulfil this weekday hour, both at the synagogue and at home.

Grades 6-7

By the time a student has reached Grades 6 & 7, they are ready to start exploring how they fit into the larger world around them.  They examine their place in Jewish history, learning about our people’s collective past, including the Holocaust and the establishment of the State of Israel.  They also continue to  explore their own past and their family’s history though project-based learning.  They improve their Hebrew language and prayer skills, and engage in conversations about the responsibilities and commitments of young Jewish adults to the wider community.  These ideas, topics and issues help prepare each student to become a member of the adult Jewish community as they approach their Bar or Bat Mitzvah.  The learners continue to attend two days per week, with the weekday class focused on Hebrew language acquisition.


Grades 4-7 Accelerated Class

New this school year! Our accelerated class for students in Grades 4 to 7 is designed for – but not limited to – students who have attended Jewish Day School through Grade 3 or higher. This class will engage in a newly-designed curriculum with a focus on Hebrew language, Jewish ritual and history, and Jewish peoplehood—what it means to be a member of the global Jewish community. Taught by a young and energetic Jewish Day School teacher, this class will move at a more rapid pace than our regular CSX classes and will be taught partially in Hebrew.

After Grade 7: JTEM

JTEM (Jewish Teen Experience Midtown) is a new teen program for students in Grades 8-12 that connects participants with each other and with meaningful Jewish learning experiences. JTEM offers unique and relevant classes with different and interesting ways to relate to Jewish themes. Whether over dinner, in class or through community service activities and trips, teens will be transformed. Visit www.jtemidtown.com for more information.


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Message from our Shinshinim

NewShinshinim_PhotoMaayan and Ishay are busy planning lots of Israel-related activities for the learners in our school and for families in the synagogue community. Come and meet them!