BBM&Y | X Bar & Bat Mitzvah and Youth Experiences


At Beth Tzedec we provide multiple opportunities for children to stay connected to Jewish activities and friends. We also understand the importance that Bar or Bat Mitzvah plays in the lives of young people. Our Youth and Bar/Bat Mitzvah programming is extensive and designed to be engaging for children while meeting the interests of parents.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Our Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program is designed to assist in the transition to Jewish adulthood by helping participants grapple with the reality of becoming a Jewish adult and a teenager at the same time. Through experiential activities and trips, participants explore what it means to be a responsible 21st century young Jewish adult. A sense of Jewish identity is strengthened and supported through open forum dialogue among the participants, creating a community of peers.

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Our youth programming provides age-appropriate opportunities for children at Beth Tzedec to become involved in the Synagogue community. Taking part in Beth Tzedec youth programs is a fantastic way to make friends, try something new and have fun. Our youth groups cover kindergarten to high school. There is no need to “join” any group; new participants are always welcome and are encouraged to bring along their friends, even those who are not members of Beth Tzedec.

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